A little bit about me

Hi there, website reader!

As you may have noticed from the name of this website, my name is Natalie Alms. I’m a stubborn, thoughtful reporter. I love working on longer pieces, and I have experience and a keen interest in reporting on economic inequality and labor issues. That said, my training and curiosity have really prepared me to report on just about anything.

Up until now, I’ve attended Wake Forest University, where I majored in politics and international affairs and minored in journalism. I graduated in May of 2020. My journalism experience is obvious on this website, but I also have communications experience with nonprofits and other types of organizations as well, which has prepared me to a versatile writer for a variety of organizations and platforms.


Won second place in news enterprise reporting from the North Carolina Press Association in 2020 for a piece done in the Salisbury Post.

Contact me:

Winston-Salem, North Carolina 28609